The Kiddie Fashionista provides reviews and recommendations of the latest products geared toward fashion-conscious moms and their children. As moms, we recognize the need to help other busy moms find items that will keep them and their kiddies stylishly chic.

It is our hope to continue the level of professionalism and excellence we've achieved thus far for many years to come. It's our job to help you find chic products for the entire family, especially your little tots, and we look forward to helping you do just that.

-Dania Padron
Founder of The Kiddie Fashionista


Dania Padron

Dania Padron is a work-at-home blogger and mother of two rambunctious boys under the age of 5. She and her husband, Jesus, have been married for six years. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Dania studied political science and international relations (with a brief but fruitful side bar into elementary education) at Florida International University. She now devotes her time to her family and her network of blogs, Señora Cartera, Señora Cartera On A Budget, Star Style by Señora Cartera and, of course, The Kiddie Fashionista. She recently celebrated her 3rd anniversary as a blogger and has a faithful following of readers on her designer handbag blogs. 

As a writer, Dania adheres to a strict set of standards that have set her and her blogs apart from the rest. Fair, balanced and honest reviews are what her readers have come to expect from Dania. Her relationships with designers and PR pros are based on these standards, and that is why they seek out her opinions.

The Kiddie Fashionista is her most cherished "project" because it stems from her love for her children, and her earnest desire to have them looking and feeling better than she ever could. "If my kids look and feel great, then I'm golden" is Dania's mantra and the reason why The Kiddie Fashionista exists today.


Frances Walsh

Frances Walsh is a stay-at-home mother of two, Luke(7) and Maeve(3). She's been married for 12 years to husband Peter, and resides in Miami, Florida where she was born an raised. Frances majored in biology and chemistry at the University of Miami, but placed her career aspirations on the back-burner to raise a family. Her compassion for others and love of all things healthy and natural make Frances a top-notch "mommy expert" when it comes to recommending products you can share with the entire family.

Frances has spent her life in the pursuit of happiness as well as searching for things that will aid her on her journey. Sharing her wit and wisdom on The Kiddie Fashionista is a new endeavor she cherishes because of her desire to help other mothers as they struggle to look and feel good during mommyhood.


Dania and Frances have been friends "since the womb" and nurtured their friendship over the course of a lifetime. This blog is not only a reflection of their individual tastes and talents, but also of their love, respect and admiration for one another and for mothers every where.