Ten Tips For Being Fashionable on a Budget - Kiddie Fashionista Style!

While The Kiddie Fashionista frequently features high-end designer clothing and products for mommies and budding fashionistas alike, the current economic environment is forcing us to get creative with our purchases while still retaining our fashionable sense of style. We've assembled 10 tips to help our readers remain chic and fashionable on a budget. We promise they'll do both with little effort on your part.

  1. Shop a designer brand's moderately priced sister/brother label (think of MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags ($200-$600) as opposed to his namesake label's more expensive ($1000 and up) counterparts).
  2. Spend less on clothing and more on accessories. A simple white tank and jeans can be dressed up with a necklace, heels or a hot bag.
  3. Shop Target or Walmart for things like bras, underwear and socks. Unless you're a Victoria's Secret model and plan to prance around town in your skivvies, don't over-spend on clothing items only you and your significant other will see.
  4. Shop vintage. Ransack your local vintage clothing stores for one-of-a-kind pieces to spruce up your wardrobe for less.
  5. Forget expensive jeans. A $30 pair from Old Navy will do the job just as well as a designer pair.
  6. Shop e-Bay. This is a great way to acquire a designer piece you would normally not be able to afford. Just make certain the seller you're dealing with is reputable and only deals in authentic items.
  7. SALES!!! SALES!!! SALES!!! Goes without saying that buying items toward the end of season is a smart way to spend and invest your money. If you live up north, replenish your winter wardrobe in early spring. Not only will you save big, but you'll be ready for that first frosty morning come next fall.
  8. Beg, borrow, but don't steal! Are you pregnant? Borrow your sister's or BFF's maternity clothes. Keep things simple and comfortable during those long 9 months, but don't break the bank while doing it.
  9. Accumulate gift cards from b-days and the holidays to help off set the cost of a big ticket item. Using a $20 gift card to buy something you don't need or want for the sake of spending the card is not very smart, but always very tempting.
  10. And, finally, hit those outlet malls with a vengeance! An expensive designer bag or shoes under $100 is too good a deal to pass up. Off Saks 5th Ave, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Nordstrom Rack are a budget-conscious fashionista's best friend.
Don't think these tips are solely for mommies and daddies. Tweak them to suit your kiddie shopping needs as well.

Want more tips on how to be fashionable on a budget? Check out TwitterMoms.com to read about what other bloggers and budget savvy moms have to say on the subject.

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