The Versatile Blogger Award

The Kiddie Fashionista received its very first blog award courtesy of Elaine at She was so very sweet to do this considering she'd just "met" me the very same day she awarded us The Versatile Blogger award. I'm not one to look a gift horse (or blogger ;-) in the mouth, so on behalf of The Kiddie Fashionista I humbly accept it and offer Elaine my heartfelt thanks.

There are a few "rules" that come with accepting this award:

First, thank the blog that presented us with the award. Check.

Next, share (7) things about myself. Here goes nothing:
  1. I've visited all of the 48 contiguous states (LOTS of road trips!)
  2. I once gave serious thought to joining the CIA
  3. I have a healthy obsession with most things vampire (except Twilight)
  4. I love Coke (the soda, of course)
  5. I've been to Disney World 30 times (that's during my adult life)
  6. I celebrated the millennium in Paris at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
  7. I'd leave my husband for Daniel Craig in a heartbeat (JK...No, I'm not!)
I now have the task of passing on this award to 15 other blogs who I've recently discovered and think are pretty fantastic. I'm cheating a bit on this "rule" and only giving it to 9 blogs (what can I say, I'm picky!). Please visit these blogs if you have the chance to do so. They're each special for different reasons (hence, versatile), but every one of them is worth the read.

  • Life Without Pink (A mom blogging about a life eerily similar to mine...a life without pink!)
  • Today's Cliche (Parenting from both a mom's and dad's perspective)
  • Farber Family Adventures (A blog written by a sweet mom of an even sweeter little girl who just happens to design fabulous blogs like mine!)
  • Mami On A McMission (A blog covering one grateful mom's mission to show kindness to the children of Ronald McDonald house. Visit her blog and help put a smile on the face of a sick child.)
  • Cupcake Mommie (Musings from a mom who loves life, her gorgeous baby son and wants to do great things. A woman after my own heart.)
  • A Frugal Friend (This blog makes even the most thrifty mom feel like she's throwing money out the window. Follow it simply to get some major bang for your buck.)
  • Confessions of a Scrapaholic (This hardworking mom writes about her life as a wife, new mom, nurse and obsessive scrapbooker, and how she strives to juggle all her roles. She also has the most cheerful blog design I've come across in some time.)
  • A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy (A witty blog written by one funny lady. You'll love her and will quickly understand why she's a modern-day Lucy!)
  • Finding My Weigh (Not only does this blogging mom have a great title and description for her blog, she's also a hoot and a half. A must-read in my book.)
The last order of business to take care of is informing these lucky blogs they're just been given The Versatile Blogger award as well. I'm off to do that now. Thanks again, Elaine, for thinking of The Kiddie Fashionista.