Goody Colour Collection for Girls Review

Hello, fashionista mommies! If you have a little girl whom you love to play hair stylist with (yes, I fall into this category), well I have reviewed two hair accessory products for you. My review grades are based upon look, comfort and practicality.

The following products are from classic hair accessory manufacturer's Goody Colour Collection for girls.

Product 1: “Colour Collection” Light Hair Match Barrettes #6

Grade: “A”

These barrettes are great for girls like mine who have fine hair. I tried them with her hair picked up and with her hair loose; both times they held her hair very well. This particular color selection was good because it blended nicely with my daughter’s medium/dark blonde hair. As far as comfort was concerned, they were not cumbersome at all and, as most of you well know, a three year old will not hesitate to tell you if something is bothering her.

Product 2: “Colour Collection” Dark Match Headbands #5

Grade: “C”

The main reason why these headbands did not score well was due to how tightly they fit. My daughter complained that they hurt too much. I was not surprised because it is an elastic headband and probably felt as if she had a rubber band wrapped around her head. To be fair, I had a seven year old playmate of my kids try this headband. She liked how it looked and felt. She does have thicker hair than my daughter and this probably serves as extra cushioning around the scalp. But, as far as I’m concerned, this reinforces my love of wide and stretchy fabric headbands. Until next time………… :-)

Disclosure: Goody provided samples of 'Colour Collection for Girls' hair accessories for this review. The opinions expressed are my own, and no additional compensation was received.