Eco-friendly Wood Animal-shaped Learning Puzzles

My 4yr old son took one look at these eco-friendly animal-shaped wooden learning puzzles and immediately demanded that I buy him one....or all! I told him that one would suffice so he wisely thought things through and agreed with me. He opted for the octopus counting puzzle (mainly because he's playing the wise octopus for his pre-school's adaption of The Rainbow Fish), and his choice was perfect. Not only can he practice counting as well as his enviable puzzle-assembling skills, but I can rest easy that he and my 23 month old aren't playing with a  plastic, chemical-laced piece of trash that can (and will) make its way into their mouths. Aside from being eco-friendly, these puzzles are sturdy and can be passed down to younger siblings or traded with friends and family. Plus who can argue with having such a cute and colorful octopus in their house?

Available for $18.95 via There are several other animals available including a beautiful butterfly and snazzy snail.

***Only appropriate for children 3+. Some puzzle pieces are small and could be a choking hazard.***