Catimini Lalo Boy Faux Layered Polo and Bermuda Shorts

As the mom of two cute-as-a-button boys, I'm always searching for outfits with a bit more style than your run of the mill polos and onesies. This stylish and colorful two piece faux layered polo and bermuda shorts from Catimini is just about the happiest set a little boy could wear. The "Lalo Boy" design features a balanced mix of stripes, plaid and solids that meld together in perfect harmony. The matching denim bermuda shorts sport an elastic waistband ensuring added months of use. Both pieces are available in sizes 2 - 4 (perfect for my boys - another annoying chance for me to dress them alike!)

Shop the Catimini Lalo Boy faux layered polo ($52) and bermuda shorts ($54) set via Forest & Zoe