Fab Mommy "Must-Read": The Manny by Holly Peterson

Wealthy, sexy people have problems too! No, really, they do. Sit down and read journalist Holly Peterson's scathing satire, The Manny, and you'll come to realize the über-rich are just as lost as the rest of us. Of course, most of us don't live in Manhattan townhouses with views of Central park, or run in social circles among folks with "old money", or have a small army of household help in the form of housekeepers, cooks and chauffeurs, or find the need to enlist the services of a "manny" - a male nanny! After reading Holly's book, though, you'll want to scour your local parks in search of a young, handsome hunk to play Xbox with your son or pretend fairytale time with your daughter. This author skillfully paints a portrait of life's most frivolous desires mixed with its' basic needs and shows us that money can't buy you love or security, but it might just get you a darn good nanny, I mean, MANNY!

The Manny by Holly Peterson is available for $16.50 via Amazon.com.