Bumbo Baby Sitter

Even the tiniest kiddie fashionista requires special attention. When your baby fancies sitting up but lacks the skills to follow through, the Bumbo Baby Sitter will do the trick. This fantastic and innovative device serves dual purposes - creating a stable sitting environment that provides balance and proper posture for your child as well keeping your precocious tot from scrambling away. Available for $39.99 via Target.

Bumbo Baby Sitter details:
• Made of soft foam; provides safe support for babies that can't sit up yet on their own
• Can be used on almost any flat surface; seat is designed to use your baby's own weight as an anchor
• Includes lumbar support and room for adequate hip and knee flexibility so your baby is free to move both hands and feet
• Recommended for babies aged 3-months to 2-years

***Note: I own this seat and I'd be hard pressed to find a 2 year old that would either fit in it or require its' services for that matter. This is strictly for babies less than 1 year old.***