Destination Maternity Fall Sale: Save 50%!!!

Confession time - I still wear my Destination Maternity tees (two years after giving birth). They're super comfy and can actually be incorporated into your post-maternity wardrobe with relative ease.

The scoop neck t-shirts usually run around $12, but you can score them for $6.99 online! Destination Maternity's Fall Sale is going on right now. Price reductions are good through Oct.31st. These cute tees are available in 7 colors in sizes S and M. Don't wait till the end of the month or your favorite color might be gone. Girls Floral Sun Bonnet

If there's something every mother dreads about the summer it's the harmful effects of the sun on their kiddies. Playing outdoors in very hot weather unprotected could be a very costly mistake for your children. One easy way to provide protection is by wearing a hat.

Is there anything quite as adorable as a cute little girl wearing a sun hat? Judging from these pics, probably not. If you head over to, they carry a pretty decent assortment of hats for infants and small children, both girls and boys. I favor this red, white and blue floral design. The combination of the floral and polka dot elements keeps this bonnet fresh and feminine - perfect for a sweet little girl. The "Dolly" is priced at $18 and is available in sizes 0-12 and 2-4 with the latter running on the small side.

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops Giveaway

*Sponsored solely by The Kiddie Fashionista

We love Yummy Earth lollipops and gummy bears at my home. It's the only candy I feel comfortable giving my kids because all their candies are certified organic, gluten-free and peanut and tree nut-free. Yummy Earth does not use corn syrup, artificial chemicals or flavors in their products. What you're left with a delicious treats great for your entire family.

We love Yummy Earth organic lollipops so much we're giving away a Yummy Earth Organic Lollipop bin containing 150 lollipops to celebrate the launch of a sweet, good-for-you new blog - Life as a Cuban-American Mama. Your kids will LOVE these lollipops. Woo hoo!!!

Personalized Gifts for Little Graduates

In just a few short weeks, my son will be graduating...FROM PRE-K!!! Aside from the large amounts of cash we've been spending lately on everything from his cap & gown, photos, and many other miscellaneous items, I've been searching for something special and, of course, stylish to commemorate this milestone in my son's life.
I came across this website, Chasing Fireflies, a boutique that carries an edited selection of unique clothing, toys and gifts for children and babies . It was here that I finally found what I was looking for. The first is an adorable customized t-shirt. You can add your child's name, choose between a boy or girl's head (topped with a graduation cap) and even pick the hair color on the graphic.

I also decided to add a cute little gift bag filled with all kinds of graduation-themed goodies. Though not customizable, the gift bag makes a fun gift for a deserving graduate. It comes with everything from cookies and candies to pens and even a miniature graduation cap.

Customized graduation t-shirts available in sizes 2-12: $48.00

Graduation-themed gift bag: $28.00

Goody Colour Collection for Girls Review

Hello, fashionista mommies! If you have a little girl whom you love to play hair stylist with (yes, I fall into this category), well I have reviewed two hair accessory products for you. My review grades are based upon look, comfort and practicality.

The following products are from classic hair accessory manufacturer's Goody Colour Collection for girls.